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Cable TV & Internet Distribution system:
Enables you to setup a private network at your office building, community, hotel/motel, or mobile home park with your existing cable tv system.

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Hi speed Internet for 60 users per Server device. Simple, Secure, network connection throughout your office/community/home with plug & play setup.

Looking for an "a la carte" solution click here

++ This is a self installation package and does not include any incedental parts needed for your specific installation.
We do not include items such as splitters, extended runs of coaxial cable, taps, or amplifier modifications.
For professional installation please contact us by email or by phone (954) 923-9511 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (954) 923-9511      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

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Office building or Hotel/Motel example

Coax system Office building Usage:
*Give reliable internet to each floor or each office
* Interference is high in most office or hotel buildings due to elevators, other metal obstructions, & concrete
* Wireless signals are unreliable or expensive to setup with many access points, repeaters, etc..
*Use two different internet Service Providers to your networks

Home Setup

Home setup Usage:
Gamer in basement or living room wants to play online with friends,
too much interference to video game console in the living room from home office so
wireless router has unreliable signal.

ClickTel’s coax network solution enables you to setup a private network at
the office building or your hotel/motel with your existing coaxial cable.

Use this setup in a place where a wireless LAN is not feasible, or if the interference is too great
or becuase as with most wired networks, it is more secure than wireless networks,
making it more difficult for hackers to access your network.

1. No additional network wiring is necessary. Use your existing coaxial connector in the wall.
2. Connect an XBox 360®, PlayStation® 3, Blu-ray player, Apple TV®, VUDU™ box, TiVo®, Slingbox™, DVR, NAS storage, desktop or notebook PC
3. Share broadband internet access.
4. Compatible with ClickTel Voice over Internet Protocol solutions
5. Bandwidth control with up to 270 Mbps transfer speed†
6. Simple setup.
7. Devices operates in the 800MHz-to-1500MHz range, staying out of the way of cable TV transmissions
8. Cable run between serve/client devices can be up to 4000' (not a typo)
9. No extra utilities, no settings needed.

Just Plug & Play it’s so easy!

System Packages Contents:

MicroNet system++
* One (1) Wireless Router
* One (1) Coax-Ethernet Server device
* Three (3) Coax-Ethernet Client Adapters
* Four (4) RG-6 Coax cables with F-type connectors (1 meter/3.28 ft)
* Four (4) Ethernet cables (1.5 meters/4.92 ft)
* Four (4) power adapters
* Installation guide

MiniNet system++
* One (1) Wireless Router
* One (1) Coax-Ethernet Server device
* Ten (10) Coax-Ethernet Client Adapters
* Eleven (11) RG-6 Coax cables with F-type connectors (1 meter/3.28 ft)
* Eleven (11) Ethernet cables (1.5 meters/4.92 ft)
* Eleven (11)) power adapters
* Installation guide

* Wireless Router with Integrated 4 Port Switch

* WAN: One 10/100 RJ-45 port for WAN connectivity
* LAN: Four 10/100 RJ-45 Auto-MDI(X) switched ports
* WLAN: 54mbps 802.11g on a MiniPCI card (1.0)/built-in (1.1) with dual external RP-TNC antenna ports

LED Indicators (1.0):
* Power, DMZ, Diag
* WLAN: Act, Link
* LAN: Link/Act, Full/Col, 100
* Internet: Link/Act, Full/Col, 100

Channels: 1-11 (USA)

* Coax-Ethernet Server device * Coax-Ethernet Client Adapters

Network Standards
. HomePNA 3.1 over Coaxial Cable (HCNA)
. ITU-T G.9954
. IEEE 802.3
. IEEE 802.3x
. IEEE 802.3u

. Etwernet: Two RJ-45 Ports
. HCNA: Two F–Type Female Coax Connectors
. One for HCNA
. The other for TV

. “Power” LED
. HCNA “Link/Activity” LED x 2
. Ethernet ”Link/Activity” LED x 2
. “SyncMode” LED

Transmission Speed, Spectrum & Distance
. Up to 160Mbps for 4-21MHz / 144Mbps For 12-28MHz
. Dynamic Attenuation Range > 50dB on RG6
. Maximum distance Up to 4000ft on RG6 Wire (-176dBm/Hz Noise Floor)

. Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
. Storage Temperature: -10 ~ 65°C (14°F ~ 149°F)
. Humidity: 10~95% (non-condensing)

. Service Enable/Disable Control
. Bandwidtw Control
. TagVLAN ID Tag/UnTag or Pass Through
. IGMP Snooping Control (V1 & V2)
. Statistic and status of Ethernet Ports

. Tag VLAN Pass Through separate Video and data go through the different LAN Ports
. Enable Smart Discard
. By TCP Port Number (Assign a specific port for Video)
. Priority Mapping based on IEEE 802.1P
. Priority Queue based on 802.1P, IP ToS(3bit), and DiffServ
. Guaranteed QoS based on HPNA3.0 Parameterized QoS

Transmission Power
. 8.5dBm +/- 1 dBm

Power Requirements
. External Power Supply: 5VDC
. Power Consumption < 4Watts
* Broadband (cable, DSL) Internet service and modem with Ethernet connection
(not compatible with Hughesnet internet over satillite. DISH Network, DIRECTV or other satellite networks)

* To modify settings: Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista, XP, Apple OSX, or Linux
* Internet browser with Javascript enabled

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