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Clicktel Global
Clicktel Global is not ordinary long distance service. Sign up today and discover convenience and savings you never imagined.

This service can be used with any phone company almost anywhere in the world
The phone service works with the phone you all ready have including cell phones.
Works on every type and model of cell phone
Register your cell phone number, &/or your home phone number
You dial the access number and then the long distance number. Your call is then routed through Clicktel's network, and you save on all your long distance including international calls. This service gives you unlimited calls to 72 countries.

* Big savings with great low rates around the clock to over 200 countries. Check Out Our Rates.
* No hidden charges, connection, or maintenance fees.
* High quality connections through Clicktel's state-of-the-art network.
* Convenience of calling from your home, office, wireless, or any phone you choose.
* New! Dial direct with many VoIP Apps from your smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones).
* NEW! Dial Direct from your Smartphone.
* No calling cards to use.

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