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Existing phone systems are driven by a very reliable but somewhat inefficient method for connecting calls called circuit switching.

Circuit switching is a very basic concept when a call is made between two parties, the connection is maintained for the duration of the call. Because you're connecting two points in both directions, the connection is called a circuit. This is the foundation of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Talk for 10 minutes using PSTN during this time, the circuit is continuously open between the two phones. Your voice is digitized, and your voice along with thousands of others can be combined onto a single fiber optic cable for much of the journey (there's still a dedicated piece of copper wire going into your house, though).

A packet-switched phone network is the alternative to circuit switching packet switching opens a brief connection -- just long enough to send a small chunk of data, called a packet, from one system to another.Packet switching is very efficient the network route the packets along the least congested and cheapest lines.


Enables you to setup a private network at your office building, community, hotel/motel, or mobile home park with your existing cable tv system.

The server device converts the network signal it recieves from any network card into a signal that can pass along a RG6 or higher coaxial cable (TV cable).

This signal is recieved by a client device at the user's location, it translates the signal back into a network signal that a network card in your computer can understand.

This translation of the network signal provides Hi-Speed networking for 60 users per Server device. Simple, Secure, network connections throughout your office or community with a plug & play setup.